Our Luxury Signature Design Services

"DIY" Service

This service helps our Clients with space planning by way of a dimensioned floorplan and furnishing schedule. Armed with this information, our Clients are able to source, purchase, and install on their own. This is for the Client who loves to shop and doesn’t mind being in the trenches, getting their hands dirty.

Furnishing & Floor Plans

This option allows our Clients to execute their projects design process on their own. We create a design plan which includes a floorplan and a schedule of furnishings. 

This is for the Client who wants more direct involvement but needs a little help getting started. 

We are happy to step in if the process becomes daunting!

Full Service

Our concierge-level service and meticulous design process will transform your space from the place where you live, to a space that is comfortable, functional, and authentically you. This service is designed for our Clients who would prefer an ‘all-inclusive’ Customer experience, remaining minimally involved throughout the design process.

Design Consultation

The Design Consultation takes place after the Initial Call. During the Consultation, we will discuss your vision. We will ask many questions in order to learn about your space and how you use it, what works and what doesn’t. This is also the perfect time to share all of your inspiration photos. We love a good inspo photo we can’t wait to meet you!

Discovery Call 

Learn what it's like to work with us and how we make your dream a reality. 

Side Dishes

We know that not everyone requires whole room designs, so we have created additional options to our Main Menu of services that we refer to as Side Dishes.


Often times, Clients have favorite upholstered pieces, whether passed down through their family or procured throughout their lifetimes. We understand the importance of such beloved furnishings. We take great pride in redesigning these special family members with improved core materials and new, beautiful fabrics . Contact us to revive your heirloom pieces!


Design dilemmas? Everyone has them, but we are here to help.  Whether discussing a future renovation or space planning, curating new furnishings or custom window treatments, a new color palette or anything in between, this four hour consultation meeting is dedicated to our Client and the specific design dilemmas within their home.

Our Design Process 


Discovery Call 

This is the first step in taking your space to the next level! During the Discovery Call we will hear all about your project needs, whether you have no idea where to begin, or you’re looking for the full-service design experience. We will help guide you to the next step for your project while explaining what our process is like and what it’s like to work with us on your project.


On-Site Consultation

During the on-site consultation we will clearly identify your goals and vision and identify what is and what is not working for you and your family.


Design Package

Once our on-site consultation is completed, we will know which design package is a perfect fit for you. You will receive a proposal tailored to your needs. Upon approval of your proposal we will meet to officially kick-off your project!


Let's Roll!

From the concept phase to the final presentation, we will create your custom design plan. Once approved, the execution phase of your project begins and you’ll be on your way to your beautiful new space! We are by your side throughout your project, taking care of every detail specific to your package so you don't have to.


Cue the Magic!

This is the magical moment that you have waited for-The Reveal! Today is the day that our team puts the puzzle together and your design truly comes to life. We introduce you to your new space, confident that it will be a match made in heaven!

And that’s it! It is that easy and it all starts with the Discovery Call.